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Gypsum Powder Manufacturing Process

Our high pressure mill, mainly for processing barite, limestone, ceramics, slag, etc. Mohs hardness of not greater than 9.3, non-flammable material with a certain humidity materials. Not only outstanding performance, is equally applicable to mining, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials industries such as high-fine processing, product size can be adjusted, the smallest entry level 800 in the processing of gypsum powder. For our gypsum powder processing, to improve the completion of mill, low energy consumption, high yield, for the processing of gypsum powder has irreplaceable advantages, is the first choice for the production of gypsum powder manufacturing process. Gypsum is one of the indispensable building aggregate, with the continuous improvement of infrastructure, the demand for more and more, the majority of investors to look increasingly invested in the production of gypsum. So recently we received customer service Tel saying Gypsum production process is what equipment needs.

Gypsum Powder Manufacturing Process

Gypsum and anhydrite into gypsum, gypsum building made from natural gypsum or chemical gypsum after a certain temperature heating calcined gypsum dehydration so decomposed to give ground hemihydrate gypsum as the main ingredient of the product β-hemihydrate gypsum, is building plaster (called a customary or plaster). Production of construction equipment mainly gypsum kiln, milling machines. β-hemihydrate gypsum is the main form of building plaster, its gypsum powder manufacturing process can be summarized as gypsum stone crushing, calcination, grinding three steps. Gypsum stone ore using a jaw crusher, impact crusher to 30 mm and transported to the mill finely ground. After the separator after grinding to achieve the desired product fineness of gypsum powder into the rotary kiln calcination proceeds, does not comply will return to mill finely ground product to conform to size after firing. Gypsum production in order to stabilize the production of calcined gypsum stone in different grade homogenization field pre-homogenized. Then gypsum fed by feeder evenly jaw crusher, crushed into 10-25mm granularity, and then by crushing counterattack crusher, there are bucket elevator machine, hopper, feeder into the rotary kiln dehydrated ground.

Gypsum powder mill is grinding to get through the plaster environmentally friendly mineral powder. Now, gypsum has aroused more and more attention, has formed a huge new industry, it is mainly used Raymond mill, high pressure mill, the European version of the mill for processing gypsum powder. Vertical milling machine for the gypsum industry to open a new channel. It is equipped with automatic control system, which enables remote control, easy to operate. Because the means for preventing the roller sleeve and disc liner QC direct contact to avoid fragmentation of severe vibration. Drying ability, vertical mill using a gas transportation of materials, even dry milling, drying the water is only 3-4% of the material. Although gypsum powder grinding machine price on the market vary, but the manufacturers of the products price should be within a reasonable range, not blindly choose very inexpensive products, such products generally do not have good quality assurance.

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